28.03.2013 The study is approved by the Queen Mary Research Ethics Committee.

01.04.2013 Study funding begins.

01.06.2013 NHS permission has been granted, and the study opens for recruitment.

08.10.2013 The study intervention begins with the training induction sessions for the first groups of participating managers.

17.10.2013 Study recruitment is complete; 424 employees and 41 managers have given consent to participate in the study.

07.01.2014 We have completed our e-learning intervention programme among 3 different areas within the participating Trust, and begun our follow-up data collection.

14.04.2014 The follow-up data collection has been completed. The qualitative researcher has conducted in-depth interviews with over 20 participating staff and managers as well as a focus group, and analyses of quantitative and qualitative data begin.

23.09.2014 Primary analyses have been completed, and results have been presented to staff at dissemination events within the participating organisation. A newsletter has been distributed to all participants. If you have not received your copy, please send us an e-mail on and we will send it to you.

05.11.2015 GEM published final report click here to download report. Click here for BMJ Open paper


A full report will be available on the NIHR project website. The study will also be submitted to journals and conferences, further updates on these publications will be published here.